Your Offsite Human Resource Department


As your co-employer, Marketstaff assumes the legal responsibility and administrative burden of payroll, payroll taxes, and employee benefits.

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Our human resource administrators provide staffing, policy writing, labor relations, bookkeeping and personal bill paying services as requested.

Hire Without All The Paperwork

How much time do you have to hire employees, find for them benefits and insurance? Do you have time consuming payroll? What if this all took you the time it takes to write a check! Read Article

Are you a physician?

Karen Zupko & Associates, Inc advises physicians about the business side of their practice - everything from marketing to billing and coding to training. Marketstaff recommends Karen Zupko & Associates.


Marketstaff is a member of the Society of Human Resources Processionals.

Marketstaff is your solution to reducing high turnover and eliminating low quality employees.

Marketstaff offers a menu of human resource services including hiring effective people, staff training systems, high-tech time tracking systems, payroll, compensation and human resource advice. With employee costs and benefits skyrocketing many small practices are unable to provide quality competitive programs to staff or have an effective in-house human resource department.

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Marketstaff experts will help you learn:

  1. The five most costly payroll mistakes and how to avoid them
  2. Using training manuals and employee handbooks to effectively manage your staff
  3. Recruiting and retaining great staff members
  4. Employee review systems: rewarding, motivating and holding your staff accountable
  5. The benefits of benefits
  6. Legal matters: The validity of non-compete and confidentiality agreements; EEOC and unemployment issues.
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